The freakfinderz Mission

Aight so lemme sprinkle some info about the mission of this site. We wanna create a site for the adult creators and the consumers who not getting their needs satisfied.

For creators; this is a site where you can get some recognition for all the hard work you been putting in. Where you aint gotta worry about some airhead celeb come and take away and steal your style and $ away. This for the creators that have fun making funds!

For the consumers; we gonna make sure that the freaks we post are 100% certified freaks. Too many times we invest time and $ in a creator and they aint producing hot shit or they just lame AF. We got the chicks that keep that dick on brick!

We over here at freakfinderz are for the people! Now idk if this is enough for a blog post but fuck it, We ball!

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